Ali Valehi

Los Angles, California·


Reasearch assitant

University of Southern California
Dec 2020 - Present

Software Developer

Interwest Consulting Group
  • Developing web-based software according to clients needs. Sharepoint,, Javascript and etc.
  • Systems programming, TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS
Jun 2018 - Present

Research Specialist

School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems Northern Arizona University
  • predictive modeling of cardiovascular disease
    • Used wavelet decomposition and other signal processing method to extract features from ECG signal, and designed an patientadaptable multi-stage unsupervised learning algorithm. the method is capable to improve predicting accuracy up to 10%.
  • Simulation of biochemical reactions:
    • Adding new features to BioNetGen in Perl, NFsim in C++ (tools for high computational biochemical simulation).
  • Real time optimizing in a dynamic system.
    • Online machine learning: proposing a optimal control method by implementing a feedback system in a communication channel
  • Accent adjustment system using deep learning:
    • Deep learning for speech recognition implemented using Tensorflow, keras and Python (scikit-learn).
    • Natural language processing (NLP) using Python (NLTK)
July 2017 - May 2018

Research Assisstant

School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems Northern Arizona University
  • User authentication based on physical pattern Developing Matlab program for corresponding image processing tasks.
    • Developing a graph matching algorithm with higher accuracy rate
    • All programs were implemented in High performance computing environment (AWS)
  • Implementation of face recognition and object recognition for a robot
    • The software was based on OpenCV and implemented in C++
    • Implemented using SIFT and SURF algorithm and HAAR classifier
  • Designing a self optimizing inertial measurement unit
    • Signal processing(Noise filtering, Kalman filter)
Jan 2016 - Jun 2017

Teacher Assisstant

School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems Northern Arizona University
  • Pattern Recognition and MachineLearning
  • Automatic control Lab
  • FPGA Lab
  • Digital logic Lab
  • Telecommunication systems.
  • Project design
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electrical engineering Lab
Jan 2016 - Jun 2017


Northern Arizona University

Master of Science
  • Courses:
    Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Image processing and Computer vision, Advanced Statistical analyzing and Stochastic and Random Process Analyzing
  • Thesis:
    Maximizing energy efficiency of cognitive radio sensor networks with different Levels of channel availability awareness In this thesis by mathematically modeling a cognitive system, an optimum solution for maximization of energy efficiency and reducing end-to-end latency is suggested. In addition, a practical learning algorithm for optimizing a dynamic system with no prior knowledge of characteristic using online machine learning is proposed
Jan 2016 - Jun 2017

Azad University of Tehran

Bachelor of Science
  • Thesis:
    Brain Computer Interface – Control Robotic arm using brainwave. This project involved capturing brain waves (EEG), denoiseing, detecting corresponding waves to brain attention and focus and controlling a robotic arm using level of attention and focus
Sep 2010 - April 2015

Academic Projects

  • Kaggle-Yelp Challenge: NLP
  • Implementing a communication system predictor using online and reinforcement machine learning methods.(2017)
  • Quick data retrieving algorithm for a large genomic data (70GB) (2017)
  • Web crawling tools for optimizing search engine such as Google implemented in PHP (2016)
  • Controlling mouse cursor using eye tracking in C# using EmguCV library by tracking eye color and pattern. (2010)
  • 3D robot soccer simulation in C# as a part of national RoboCup competition. (2010)


  • knowledge
    Stochastic optimization, Statistics, Machine learning (random forest, boosting tree, Support Vector Machine, K Nearest Neighbor, etc. ), Graph analysis, Dynamic control, Computer vision(convolutional neural network, Object detection, Face recognition),.
  • Programming
    Matlab,C ++,Python,PHP
  • Databases
    MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Utilities
    GitHub, Keras, Tensorflow, Linux, OpenCV. AWS
  • Hardware
    AVR, ARM, FPGA, Arduino

Awards & Honors

  • Technical Committee member, Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications
  • Graduate assistantship award., Northern Arizona University graduate school


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  • A.Valehi A.Razi “Modeling Biomolecular Interactions” (draft version)
  • A.Valehi, A.Razi ”Probabilistic Graph matching approach in data networks ” (draft version)
  • A.Valehi, O.Kang “Accent measurement in speech recognition systems using deep neural network” (draft version)